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Welcome to Imperial Clinics

A Homeopathy Clinic in Mumbai

Receive world class Care in Homeopathy from the best international Researchers

Personalized homeopathic care is what sets Imperial Clinics apart. When you visit one of our locations you can expect to receive the best treatments that exist. Even our assistant doctors are highly experienced MDs. Thanks to our 15 years of research in the field of ‘Understanding Homeopathy under the light of Modern sciences’. We have helped more than 25,000 patients in USA, India, Switzerland, UK and eastern Europe. We use the highest quality of Homeopathy medicines that we dispense to you right here after every consultation.

We are a one stop shop for Homeopathy: The science of tomorrow that betters your life today!


Empowering patients with Knowledge and 100% transparency.

Leading from the front.

Lecture at Shushrusha Hospital Part 1/4

Marathi interview on National TV (DD)

What top Cardiologists say about Dr. Khedekar

Dr. Khedekar's Serbian Interview

Our Expertise in Homeopathy

Educational Videos on how homeopathy can help in cases of Autism, Asthma, stage 1 cancers and Arthritis. Hear it from the patients themselves.





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