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Dr. Khedekar is a pioneer in the field of paediatric developmental disorder management. He initiated a 7 year international study of hundreds of children in the 3 – 15 year age group with delayed development, autism, tuberous sclerosis, dyspraxia, border line Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and cerebral palsy. The study found 60% of the developmental disorder cases had personal family problems or other issues at home. Also 30% of children who were diagnosed with a developmental disorder were pre-term, had mothers with low BMI, sub fertility, and stress during pregnancy. The children were put under corrective bio-therapy where each child’s own growth radiant was stimulated by giving a specific combination of homeopathy medicines. These children were regularly monitored in for 2-7 years individually and an independent Population Genetics expert also monitored each child to infer the pre and post treatment differences. 80% of the children were found to be living a physically and psychologically balanced life. According to Dr. Khedekar, the focus of the treatment and management through homeopathy is not to treat the isolated symptoms of the developmental disorder, but to treat the child as a whole and help in building up the personality traits of the child from the time of the treatment.



There is no definite cure for psoriasis until now, but there are certain ways that one can use to get relief from the symptoms of this inflammable condition. It is one of the most common skin diseases.
This condition affects people of all ages and is generally inherited. Psoriasis causes skin irritation and redness that can appear almost anywhere on the body. People who suffer from the same tend to have thick red skin and there is absolutely no certain way to prevent this condition. As it is an autoimmune disease it occurs when the body’s immune system ends up attacking the healthy cells in our body, mistaking them to be the dangerous cells. In a few cases, it goes away and the irritation occurs. It can be triggered due to stress, anxiety, skin infections, etc. People having a weak immune system may have chances of suffering from this condition.
Psoriasis can be treated by three methods, which are topical medications, internal medications, and phototherapy.
Psoriasis is often treated with certain skin medicines that are used directly over the skin, which are many ointments and creams or shampoos and moisturizers that contain vitamin D and Vitamin A. If the person is suffering from severe psoriasis then it is treated with medicines that tend to suppress the person’s immune response. It mainly targets the body’s immune responses and stops the cells attacking or to fight. Phototherapy involves the skin to be treated by exposing it to ultraviolet light; this reduces the symptoms in many people. Although there has to be a proper facility, where this can be done and to remember the fact that UV rays can cause skin cancers and mutation that is why a skin specialist should do it.

Certain home remedies are also used to cure this condition like sun exposure techniques, meditation, baths. etc.

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