Student Testimonial

Brilliant lecturer, diagnostician, psychologist, psychiatrist, knows how to pass on the knowledge. Very, very successful homeopath.
Dr. Rada Jeremic – Specialist of children and preventive Stomatology
As lecturer, he is excellent. He knows what he wants, has quite an experience, and knows how to pass on the knowledge.
Since he has jumped into the deepest waters of Homoeopathy as a young man, I recommend him to dive into the new field, field of Quantum Physics and Medicine, in order to give the deepest scientific seal to Homoeopathy through the quantum phenomenons because Homoeopathy is leading Medicine in to shifting of scientific paradigms.
With respect,
Dr. Zlata Jovanovic – Ignjatic

Thank you Dr. Shreepad Khedekar for excellent lectures and exceptional and fascinating case analyzing.
With a deepest respect, on behalf of my family and myself, I express gratitude for the help that Dr. Khedekar has given us as homeopath.
Dr. Jelica Radojevic

To me as a doctor of Allopathic Medicine (Pediatrician), who is for the last 3 years getting acquainted with Homoeopathic medicine but slowly and with difficulties, seminar given by dr. Shreepad has quite simplified and brought closer this science.
My thanks to Dr. Shreepad for bringing closer to me this divine Medicine.
Dr. Svetlana Vranes (Pediatrician)

Thank you for systematic and clear lecturing. Since 1999 I am acquainted with and from October 2006 I’m studying Homoeopathy, but all the time something was missing. That missing part was given to me through your way of lecturing. My wish and I believe of many of us is to have your school here in Belgrade or at least continuation of this seminars with a kind of correspondence school.
Thank you for the patience and understanding and for your good will.
Danijela Ljepoja

‘’Thank God that Shreepad exists.’’
Nada Mirkovic

We are grateful for guidance. and help. Clinics are good. Lectures are good.
Dr. Zoran Krupez

Your teaching and clinics are excellent.
Patients are very satisfied. You have great results. Come to us again soon!
Dr. Aleksandar Jevdic

Thank you for the great time we had. We gained knowledge in an easy way, and you have put in order what we already knew but didn’t have the skills to use it.
Thank you for your time and selflessness.
Branislava Kocic

Thank you
Dr. Med. Srdjana Bolbodjevski

Thank you for the systematization and predictive approach to Homoeopathy.
Thank you for the selfless revealing of secrets that have resulted from toil.
Jovanka Ivancevic

Shreepad is giving us, but he will be given more and more.
Let us not forget.
Dr. Raisa Bargir

Dr. Shreepad has brought great optimism to us in the field of Homoeopathy because he has dispelled our fear that Homoeopathy can not be taught, and he is convincing us all this time, since his coming here, that Homoeopathy is simple and not so difficult to apply as we were convinced, but the thing is that we were actually wrongly taught.
For me personally he is wonderful as lecturer and as a man, full of warmth and a great wish to teach us, his is holding very simple and systematic lectures. I have learned a lot and I am happy because of it.
Clinics are particularly good and very constructive. In one word – I am delighted and thank him a lot.
Jadranka Jajcanin

I am expressing thanks to Dr. Shreepad for wonderful lectures at which I have come to the new knowledge’s and where Homoeopathy has become clearer and more simple and such approach to Homoeopathy, as explained by Dr. Shreepad, has particularly cleared up for me how to take the follow up and watch for remedy action and moving of the disease towards cure.
Gozdic Ljiljana

I wish to express my thanks to our lecturer Shreepad for wonderful lectures, excellent clinical training, lot of understanding for all of us and our problems. He doesn’t know how much it means to us that he is with us, and how much meeting him and his teaching matters to us. I hope that he will be coming for a long time and that he is satisfied, even a little bit, with his students.

Dear Shreepad,
Listening to your first lecture on Homoeopathy, in Novi Sad year and a half ago, I have realized that the Hahnemannian genius was comprehended by you and not Europe and European homeopaths. Hahnemann was born, lived and worked in Europe, but she (Europe) did not understand him. From “old sunken lady’’ Europe, all we got were breadcrumbs. We were listening to various homeopathic methods, various so called “Great’’ homeopaths and that teaching was of no use to us. We had sporadically success and much suppression and did not know how to make the follow up of a case. You have, so simply and so mathematically correct, brought Homoeopathy closer to us.
I am grateful to you for coming to this tortured and anathemized country of ours and brought what is best – Classical Homoeopathy.
You are excellent lecturer and you know how to pass on the knowledge in a simple way so that everybody can easily assimilate it. You have given us qualitative and unforgettable clinics and results. The door of my home and clinic are always open for you and your family.
We have become fond of you and your Ritu as if you were our own children. Friendliest regards to your closest family, father and mother, and deep respect and regards to your teachers, we would be happy if in some future time they visit our country.
Yours faithfully,
Pediatrician, Kasikovic Dr. Slobodanka and family

It was my special pleasure for having the chance to attend the Seminar, not only because of its unquestionable quality but because of the subjects that were dealt with as well.
Homeopathical way of curing is still rare in this area, and even rarer are the lecturers that are giving concrete solutions and practical details as it is the case with Dr. Khedekar.
Basic lecturing conception is accompanied by numerous video records which enable us to grasp the essence at the first sight and get the guideline for the practical work. This is contributed by unquestionable quality and talent of the lecturer himself to point out, quite clearly, important details in every single case.
Because of the above said, I feel privileged to say that Dr. Khedekar has taught me Homoeopathy.
Thank you very much Dr. Shreepad for laying down foundation stone for my future advancement.
Dr. Jelena Kasikovic
Don’t ever forget that in Serbia there are people who immensely love you and that you have friends here that will always welcome you with open arms.

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