eHeilung Shaping the Future 

eHeilung is Dr. Khedekar’s way of giving back to the profession that gave him so much.

It sets a standard, democratises and makes homeopathy accessible to anyone who wants to find a cure.

eHeilung is created in joint collaboration with leading scientists across the fields of medicine, science and engineering.

eHeilung is the world’s first Homeopathic healing portal that provides credible evaluation, diagnoses, education, information, prescriptions and treatment, using next generation technology and the classical principles of Dr. Hahnemann.

eHeilung is the most economical and cutting edge software in the history of Homeopathy. eHeilung is Homeopathy at its scientific best.

eHeilung is for Everyone:

Free zero commitment check up
2nd opinion
100% accurate diagnosis and prescriptions
Live Expert consultation
Personalised treatment
Direct interaction with Specialists
Highly affordable treatment packages
Special packages for Corporations and Institutions
Regular and direct delivery of medication
24-7, quick and easy access
Up-to-date content on science, technology, health, nutrition and well being

eHeilung is for Doctors:

Accurate Expert System based on thousands of real world cases
A network of leading Doctors
Latest content on health, medicine and technology
Skill advancement

eHeilung is for Students:

Expert System at student rates
Pay per view Webinars and courses for free
Latest developments in the world of Homeopathy internationally
Networking opportunities
Mentorship and guidance from the leading experts

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