Clinical Practice and Educational Institute
Imperial Healing

Draže Pavlovića, 3
Belgrade, Serbia
Tel: 0038163339322

Shushrusha Hospital


698-B, Ranade Road, Shivaji Park, Dadar West, Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028

Tel: +91 22-24476155

Monday 10am till 12pm
Thursday 3pm till 4pm

By prior appointment only.

Available for existing or new patients from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo

For Skype controls: You can find me as Fastesthomeopath

New patient: €150 (Interview may last for 15-20min)
For Control: €75 (Interview may last for 10-15min)
As soon as I receive the payment, we will meet on Skype on days mentioned below:

I will be available every Tuesday and Thursday bet 4pm till 8pm Indian Standard Time. (Serbia is 3.30hrs behind in summer) In emergencies I can be flexible.

After the control I will text you the name and potency of the remedy that you will be able to buy from Zelena Apoteka. This will cost you approx. €2-€5 at the pharmacy (this will be over and above the consulting fee).

link to pharmacy:

e.g Sulphur or Pulsatilla or Lycopodium (remedy)

10M or 5M 1M or 200C or 30C (potency)

1 dose to be taken sublingually directly. Do not touch the remedy with hands. Do not eat or drink anything 5 min before and after the remedy is taken.

See you soon!

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